Day 6, aka the day I become an Avg American Listener


Ok, so day 5 was pretty light, but I came storming back on day 6 with a whole bunch of jazz.

James Carter, The Real Quiet Storm, hour

Johnny Hodges, Everybody Knows Johnny Hodges, half hour (doesn’t get any tastier than this one folks)

Dave Holland Octet, Pathways, hour (Holland et al’s new live record, which I’ll be reviewing shortly.  Killing playing from my man Gary Smulyan, and others)

Giuseppe Logan, on the WFMU show Give the Drummer Show, which can be found here; hour (More on this later, but the skinny is that Logan disappeared – from the NYC music scene – for forty years but is now back and has a new record.  Listen to the show for more details, but I’ll give my thoughts later.

Day total 3.5

Week total, 22

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