Celebrating Coltrane’s A Love Supreme At 50


February marked the 50th Anniversary of the release of John Coltrane’s masterpiece A Love Supreme. As expected, numerous articles, concerts, radio shows, discussions, and other events marked the event. The only thing I was surprised not to see was a 50th anniversary reissue of the album with luxurious packaging and extras similar to what was done when Kind of Blue turned 50.

I decided it would be neat to gather all the different tributes to A Love Supreme I could find together to get a look at how the jazz world celebrated a significant milestone in the album’s history. So instead of working google to death, start here to find Love Supreme @ 50 tributes. There are plenty more articles and performances and thoughts out there to find, but these are what drew my attention.

– I recently published a long article on it for Cuepoint.

– BBC 4 Radio broadcasted a half hour tribute with saxophonist Courtney Pine. There are also links to other Love Supreme related items put together by the BBC.

-Cornel West discusses the album with Archie Shepp and Stanley Crouch on Huffpost Live.

-NPR’s All Things Consider broadcast a story back in December.

-SFJazz had a week long celebration of the album curated by Ravi Coltrane. Downbeat published a review of one of the concerts.

-Michael Gold’s article for Newsweek.

-The Campbell Brothers, who come from the sacred steel tradition (that’s where Robert Randolph is coming from), have been performing A Love Supreme on tour. Somehow I missed them when they came to down.

-NJ.com ran a piece by Tom Wilk.

-In April the Smithsonian magazine published some newly found photos of the recording session.

-The St. John Coltrane Church celebrated the 50th anniversary of the recording.

Like I said, there are a lot more tributes, celebrations, and articles to explore, but this ought to be more than enough to get going down the rabbit hole.

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